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Mission Statement

We are about supporting those who have been affected by coerced vaccinations/boosters, enforced lockdowns, segregation and separation from society and families. 

What is Freedom To Choose?
We are about supporting those who have been affected by coerced vaccinations/boosters, enforced lockdowns, segregation and separation from society and families.

What does our purpose serve?
We provide local community support groups for people who have been affected by any of the following:

*Coerced vaccinations/boosters for Children or Workers
*Restrictions on Movement
*Vaccine Passports for venues

You or someone else have experienced:

*Ostracization by family, friends, work colleagues or employers over your “stance” on the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE whether you have had a vaccine or not then:

We are here to support you because your freedom to choose has been taken away.


When was it formed?
Founded in the summer of 2021.

What is the vision?
To create local support groups across the UK enabling those who have been affected directly or in-directly from coerced vaccinations and boosters / restriction of movement / forced lock downs a place to meet and share their concerns. Local support groups will be made of a selected committee who are to arrange set weekly meetings and inviting members to attend. These meetings will consist of networking, invited speakers, local promotions, fellow charity support and eventually a chosen local counsellor offering one to one consultations and advice for concerned members.

It is important to reconfirm our stance on vaccination status:

Our members are made up of both pro vaccination and vaccination hesitant members who support our freedom to choose and freedom of movement. We are opposed to any discrimination, all members are welcome.
Community Interest Company: We are a CIC set up (awaiting approval) meaning that all the monies we gain is put back in to building our concept and expanding to a national support level company. All our received monies (local donation / advertising / investment) is held securely in a designated bank account and controlled as per guidance by the official government website:

How was FreedomToChoose founded?
An idea of Christopher Walkey following realisation that something more organised to that of the popular concept of Stand in the Park was required with a focus on weekly community support groups.
The trial was launched in Clacton on Sea with founding local committee members Josie Holland and Colin Kingham and the concept was trialled with success. Soon the Clacton on Sea Group was joined by Johanna Weiss (Chair of Clacton on Sea Freedom To Choose) and Jeff Drew.
Christopher Walkey applied for FreedomToChoose to have CIC status in January 2022.

How is the FreedomToChoose concept going to work towards its goal?
A new committee level is to be created ‘Freedom To Choose Lead Committee Members’ and selected new persons with desired skill sets are to be invited to join.
Website to be created / finished that enables for local group search database, donations, recruitment and live chat / video boxes enabling for remote counselling.
New lead committee team will focus on PR / synergies / recruitment during the first two quarters of 2022 to include achieving 20 further local committee groups across the UK.
Creation of localised Telegram groups so to increase membership (both telephone and email data to be recorded).
Use of Christopher Walkey’s business profile to achieve television / radio / internet / printed press interview opportunities.
Seeking of national level donations / investors / advertisers / synergies. Seeking of counselling staff prepared to donate time to support members both at local and national levels.
Provision of welcome packs for new groups to include easy to download documentation / marketing material including branded clothing, badges and giveaways.
Growing of social media channels.

Contact details:
Christopher Walkey (Secretary)Tel: 07917 434943

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