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Do Not Suffer Alone

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What is #FreedomToChoose about?

We provide community support groups for those who have been affected by coerced vaccinations/boosters, enforced lockdowns, segregation and separation from society and families.

Our group was borne of the pandemic of 2020 where we witnessed the encroachment into our right to medical privacy and where we were pressured to receive untested medical interventions. Many thousands lost jobs maintaining their freedom to choose, and countless families have been riven in two with contrasting narratives: those pro and those contra. In our Freedom to choose group, we welcome all those who believe in our right to choice whether they are vaccinated or unvaccinated, pro or contra. Those who have suffered medical damage from the vaccine are also welcome. We recognise that going forward, we need to heal the divisiveness endemic in our world today so that we can stand together on the side of personal sovereignty, dignity and freedom. All opinions and views will be respected and there is no need for consensus and we are not politically aligned. The group format aims to create insight, friends, self awareness, respect and above all support for creating what we want instead of protesting what we don't want. Each week we have the opportunity to discuss ways forward and to inspire each other to co-create our new reality and together to stand for our freedom to choose.

We are here to support you - Reach out to us today and remember that you are not alone. 

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